We have just wrapped up the 2023 vintage, our 28th here on the “beautiful slope”, and now the focus shifts from filling barrels to filling boxes for shipping and tidying up the winery to host Open House events later this month!

After 2022, the third coolest growing season in recent history, 2023 marked a return to our “new normal” of warm-to-hot vintages. The early months of this year were actually relatively cool and wet, delaying the start of the growing season until the end of April, two weeks later than “normal”.  But May was exceptionally warm and dry, so by the time we had bloom in early June, we had made up those two weeks plus gained another! 

The warm, dry conditions continued through the summer; we had little if any measurable precipitation between early May and early September.  Harvest at our estate commenced on September 13th and concluded on September 23rd, yielding an abundance of ripe delicious fruit.  The season was almost a mirror image of 2021, but the size of the crop and composition of the juice more reminiscent of 2014 and 2015.  We have a full cellar of very promising young wines to look forward to in a few years!